Snake Holding
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Snake Holding

A visit to Lone Pine would not be complete without having a "cuddle" with one of our slippery snakes or baby crocodiles!
Come and meet one of our scaly friends and their keeper at our snake presentation at 1:30pm.  The audience are encouraged to ask lots of questions and come and feel the smooth scales of the reptiles.
Get close to one of our scaly residents Get close to one of our scaly residents

Snake Presentation and photo opportunities are held daily at 1:30pm.
Our pythons have been trained since they were hatchlings here at Lone Pine and are friendly and safe for customers to hold.  We have a few different pythons on the roster for you to hold including: olive python, black-headed python, jungle carpet python & diamond python.
To ensure your safety, please follow the instruction of the friendly reptile keeper and ask as many questions as you like! If you have a fear of snakes this is the perfect way to help overcome it.
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