Koalas- not a 'bear'

Koalas are not a 'bear'

A beary common misconception
Lots of people refer to koalas as 'koala bears' due to their similarity in appearance to bears. Calling a koala a 'bear' is scientifically incorrect. Koalas are marsupial mammals not placental or 'eutherian' mammals like bears and humans. The name is simply 'koala'.
Early on
Marsupials are animals that have a very short gestation period and their young are born at an early stage of development. The majority of their development occurs in the safety of a pouch.
Many marsupials
Koalas are not the only marsupials at Lone Pine. Other marsupials you may encounter include; Tasmanian Devil, wombats, kangaroos, wallabies, and possums. Australia is home to 140 marsupial species. 
Despite their appearance, there is no relation to bears. Despite their appearance, there is no relation to bears.

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