Golden Brush-tail Possum
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Golden Brushtail Possum 

Daisy, the Golden Brushtail Possum Daisy, the Golden Brushtail Possum

Golden Girl
The colour of the Golden Brushtail Possum is a naturally occurring genetic mutation of the Common Brushtail Possum. Golden Brushtail possums are most commonly seen in Tasmania and can find it difficult to hide from predators due to their colouring. 
What's on the menu?
The Golden Brushtail possum diet consists of leaves, blossoms and fruit. When living in suburban areas, they have also adapted to other food sources such as meat items.
Clever communications
These possums communicate by sound and scent. Screeches and guttural growls are used often, particularly in the breeding season, to ward off intruding possums near the nest or home range. Sound can also be used when a predator threatens them. Scent glands are used to mark home ranges and define occupancy of a home site. 
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