Eclectus Parrot
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Eclectus Parrot

Eclectus roratus


The Eclectus parrot spends the day in the rainforest canopy feeding on berries, fruits, nuts and blossoms. The male is green in colour with scarlet and dark blue feathers under its wings, and the female is scarlet red in colour with blue-edged wings and a blue breast. The Eclectus parrot is classed as vulnerable. A possible reason for its decline is the loss of habitat that has led to limited tree hollows for nesting.

Colour confusion
Male and female eclectus parrots exhibit the most striking differences in appearance (sexual dimorphism) of all the parrot species. Females display vivid red and blue colouring while males are bright, emerald green in colour. This extreme difference in appearance caused endless confusion when the parrot was first discovered; was this one species or two?
What's for lunch?
These noisy canopy birds spend much of the day in trees, feeding on berries and other fruits, nuts, seeds and blossoms.
Loving partners
Bonding between Eclectus parrot mates involves mutual preening and bobbing head displays by the male. The male also feeds his mate during courtship and while she is incubating their eggs. 
The brightly coloured female eclectus parrot The brightly coloured female eclectus parrot




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