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Animal of the Moment
Dozer the common wombat

Dozer is an 8 year old female common wombat.  She is one of the friendliest wombats here at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and enjoys being hand fed sweet potato (or corn if she is lucky) from her keepers.  Sometimes when the keepers are cleaning her enclosure she follows them around like a dog!

- Rebecca (Head Mammal Keeper)
There are 3 different species of wombats in Australia.  They are marsupials, just like koalas and kangaroos. Common wombats are only pregnant for about 30 days, and give birth to tiny, underdeveloped babies called joeys.  The pouch of a wombat is called a backward-facing or rear-opening pouch.  This is because the opening of the pouch is towards the tail end of the wombat instead of the head end.  This clever adaptation means the pouch (and any joey inside) will not get dirty when the mum is digging her burrow.
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